We prepare an e-shop here, where you will have the possibility to purchase and activate licenses to our products EduArt™ and MediaInTouch™ electronically. For now you can download a fully featured demoversion of the EduArt™ software, limited only in the maximum time of recording (up to 4 minutes).

EduArt™ (trial, v2.0.0.23)
File for download in ZIP format
EduArt™ version changelist (CZ)
File for download in TXT format
EduArt™ Presentation cleanup
File for download in ZIP format
PDF EduArt™ White Paper
File for download in PDF format


Code Product W/o VAT Incl. VAT (ČR)
EA010-1 EduArt™ License (single) 59 900 CZK / 2 900 EUR 72 479 CZK / 3 509 EUR
LSEA010-1 One year license support (not required) 15 000 CZK / 700 EUR 18 150 CZK / 847 EUR